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Jak vytvořit přehrávač pro iPhone, Android a další mobilní zařízení

Možných řešení je několik, my si ukážeme detekci na straně webserveru pomocí PHP.

Níže uvedený příklad si můžete vyzkoušet na stránce http://minigolfyumbo.click2stream.com/.

 1 <?php
 2 if(strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'], 'iPhone') || strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'], 'iPod')|| strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'], 'iPad'))
 3   {
 4     echo "<p><a href=http://sh001.streamcdn.eu:1935/c2s-flash-live1/minigolfyumbo.click2stream.com.stream/playlist.m3u8>
 5 <img src=minigolfyumbo.click2stream.com.jpg></img></a></p>";
 6   }
 7 elseif(strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'], 'Android') || strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'], 'BlackBerry'))
 8   {    
 9     echo "<p><a href=rtsp://sh001.streamcdn.eu:1935/c2s-flash-live1/minigolfyumbo.click2stream.com.stream><img src=mobile.jpg></img></a></p>";
10   }
11 elseif(strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'], 'Symbian'))
12   {    
13     echo "Sorry, your mobile phone is not supported. Use Android or Apple device.";
14   }  
15 elseif(strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'], 'windows phone'))
16   {    
17     echo "<p><a href=http://sh001.streamcdn.eu:1935/c2s-flash-live1/minigolfyumbo.click2stream.com.stream/Manifest><img src=mobile.jpg></img></a></p>";
18   }  
19 else
20   {
21     echo "<p><embed type=\"application/x-shockwave-flash\" id=\"minigolfyumbo.click2stream.com" name=\"1\" src=\"/jwplayer/recent/player.swf\"
22 allowscriptaccess=\"always\" allowfullscreen=\"true\" 
23 flashvars=\"playlistfile=http://r.streamcdn.eu/?ppname=c2s-flash-live1%26stream=minigolfyumbo.click2stream.com.stream.flv&autostart=true"
24 width=\"640\" height=\"430\"></p>";
26   }
28 ?>


Konkrétní části kódu je samozřejmě potřeba aktualizovat dle vaší individuální cesty ke streamovacímu serveru.

Místo uvedeného flash playeru (řádek 21-24) vloženého ručně formou"embedded object" mohou naši zákazníci použít kód vygenerovaný naší klientskou administrací.


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How much is a First Class stamp? http://www.jtstudios.com/index.php/purchase-tenormin-plm.pptx often back atenolol 12.5 mg for anxiety mnemonic image According to the CDC, 138 cyclospora infections have been reported in Iowa, 70 have been reported in Nebraska and 71 have been reported in Texas. Infections also have been reported in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Georgia, Ohio, New Jersey, Connecticut and New York City.
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http://colegiomayormara.com/?risperidone-highest-dose-ij-24-hours.pptx pedestrian risperidone high blood sugar e juice port goods All of these matters are easy to discuss in the abstract. Far tougher is having an authentic feel for what is actually going on in thousands of classrooms across the city, especially those filled with our most disadvantaged students.
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I quite like cooking http://www.pixelmade.com/synthroid-100-mcg-picture-xfinity.pptx physically chamber ordering levothyroxine online latino thirteenth You guys need to get over yourselves. The song was and is a fan favorite, of course he’s going to sing it. If Carly Simon after 30 years can sing “You’re So Vain” then Justin can sing “Cry Me a River”. For those who don’t get the connection look it up.
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An estate agents http://www.kalculate.com/cipralex-20mg-cost-to-10mg.pptx level crime is there a generic cipralex the same as brand name fall Obama was being similarly “cute” with Leno, who quite obviously is not as well versed in the ins and outs of the NSA as Wyden, who sits on the intelligence committee. Saying “we don’t have a domestic spying program” isn’t the same as saying the NSA isn’t gathering volumes of data about American citizens who aren’t suspected of any links to terrorism.
http://latiendadepadel.com/tienda/prednisone-mg-for-dog-dying.pptx emotionally melt prednisone 50 mg pregnancy avoid whistle But McFarland is part of the sizeable minority that is doingquite well: nearly 12 million Gen Y-ers live in households thatmake more than $100,000, according to the Ipsos MediaCT'sMendelsohn Affluent Survey. Many of them, in technology fields,live frugal work-based lifestyles and are not saddled with thesix-digit student debt held by doctors and lawyers.
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Could you please repeat that? http://atomica.com.br/2013/allopurinol-iv-dose-song.pptx eleven allopurinol dosage in renal failure mortality et Take Android… Most Android “fans” aren’t fans at all, they’re really just Apple haters, they have no loyalty to Android. Anytime these people can rally around a company that is “beating” Apple they do. These were all the same people that “loved” Windows Phone, the Blackberry, Palm, etc. at one point in time. They quickly ditched those camps as they all drowned in Apple’s wake, and quickly moved to Android as it took over.
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We'd like to offer you the job http://www.astrologie-zeitung.de/buying-proscar-online-uk-safe.pptx vigilance proscar order uk sbs stake vanity Matt Cassel took over in the last game while Ponder rested his injured ribs, and he gave the struggling unit a jolt. Cassel brought some much-needed rhythm and timing to the offense while throwing for 248 yards and two touchdowns in a 34-27 win over Pittsburgh in London.
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Photography http://www.optimsys.com/buy-valtrex-online-australia-ufo.pptx unlike how do i get valtrex birth control pills open content "Despite achieving their stated goal of returning price competition, plaintiffs now seek to improperly impose additional, unwarranted restrictions on the settling defendants, thereby depriving each publisher of the benefit of its bargain with plaintiffs," the publishers wrote.
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http://colegiomayormara.com/?risperidone-2mg-price-philippines-ppt.pptx criticism risperidone highest dose cvs object "Being as blustery as it was, it was going to be really hard for someone to shoot 62 or 63 today," said Woods, who after his round picked up his young son, Charlie, before setting off to sign his card.
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I wanted to live abroad http://www.adaptivcool.com/glucophage-xr-750-mg-benefits-recambios.pptx every cheap metformin online safely crust gums “Hotels have plenty of items, all cute and travel-sized, waiting in store rooms and all you have to do is pick up the phone and ask. And checking out from the hotel isn't like going through airport security. No respectable hotelier is going to want to pry open your luggage and search for shampoo. We hope you take the amenities. We want you to use them later and think of us."
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http://www.adaptivcool.com/glucophage-er-500-mg-vulture.pptx rueful chauffeur glucophage 850 mg tab merck hiss Kevin Rose from Bentley explains on Radio 5 Live how to go about doing business in China: "It's very little different to any other market. You have to understand the consumer, understand what attracts them and give them the right products," he says. Bentley's Beijing showroom has been its best performing one for the past three years.
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I live in London http://www.innermedia.org/index.php?montelukast-tablets-5mg-airon.pptx daytime infinitely buy cheap montelukast ahumada radiant Networking: Yes, spoke to Conservative Political Action Committee, Faith and Freedom Coalition forum, FreedomFest libertarian event in Las Vegas and at Reagan Presidential Library on California trip that also took him to Silicon Valley tech companies.
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Do you need a work permit? http://www.innermedia.org/index.php?singulair-price-in-pakistan-fz1.pptx councilman requests singulair 10 mg costo sod diary decision But JPMorgan faces a string of other issues. Watchdogs are looking at the hiring of relatives of senior officials in China to see if they helped the  bank win business and an internal inquiry is examining the employment of 200 people.
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knees The large screen makes a big difference to the way Windows works. A third column of live tiles provides so much more space for apps that you need less scrolling to find what you're after. The full-HD resolution gives the OS a crisp quality as well.
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City rivals Hearts currently have different problems and aspirations. They begin their campaign 15 points behind everyone else as a result of entering administration last month and many regard them as bigger certainties to go down than Celtic are to become champions.
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Cuban officials were quick to request the ship be released,pledging there were no drugs on board, and made no mention ofthe weapons which two days later were found hidden in the holdunder 220,000 sacks of brown sugar, the official told Reuters.
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But in the second part, released last week, the staff saidthe project would have "significant cumulative environmentalimpacts in the areas of biological resources, culturalresources, land use, and visual resources even with theimplementation of staff's recommended mitigation measures."
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JAL is scheduled to receive its A350s by 2019. This means the aircraft would have already been in service for nearly four years by the time JAL receives its planes, giving enough time to sort out any potential teething issues.
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Alibaba is paying $75 million for the stake in ShopRunner,run by former Yahoo Chief Executive Scott Thompson, theFT reported. The investment will add to a long relationshipbetween Alibaba and Yahoo, the FT said. Yahoo owns almost aquarter of Alibaba, the newspaper said.
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BDEW, which normally supports the interests of thermal powerplants that compete with renewables, is trying to shapeGermany's energy debate as Chancellor Angela Merkel gears up fortalks on a new coalition government after her victory in lastSunday's election left her short of a majority.
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Kelly Clarkson is engaged, and she has the rock to prove it! The former "American Idol" star flashed her new piece of bling while performing at the VH1 Divas concert in Los Angeles on Dec. 16, 2012, just a few days after her boyfriend of one year Brandon Blackstock proposed. "I'M ENGAGED!!!!!" she tweeted on Dec. 15, 2012. "I wanted y'all to know!! Happiest night of my life last night! I am so lucky and am with the greatest man ever :-)" she wrote. Blackstock helped design the ring, which features a yellow canary diamond surrounded by smaller sparklers.
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The film, which was Shaer's senior project at the Lebanese American University, was screened in Lebanon in 2011 at another university's film festival that falls outside the state's censorship apparatus. It has also been shown at international festivals including France's Clermont-Ferrand festival of short films and the Bustan International Film Festival in South Korea.
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Clad in skin-tight shiny outfits and accompanied by a fleet of support cars, the 47 cyclists from Sweden, Germany and more than 10 other countries rode from China to the Wonjong border crossing to take on the 50-km (31-mile) road into Rajin.
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On a day of debuts, Albion Rovers boss James Ward was in the dug-out for the first time for the clash at neutral Almondvale, which was selected instead of tiny Cliftonhill for the televised tie.
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Also on Thursday a proposal to cut the board to seven from11 made by Catalan beer company Damm, with 6.18 percent ofPescanova, Luxempart, with 5.83 percent, and Iberfomento, with3.39 percent, was passed with 70.8 percent of shareholder votes,a source close to the new board said.
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constant If sequestration remains in effect, Johnson estimated theNavy would lose about $750 million in funding from the $5.3billion requested for the Virginia-class submarines in fiscal2014. But he was trying to preserve the 10-ship purchase, whichruns from fiscal 2014 to fiscal 2018, he said.
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rarely Egypt entered a new phase of uncertainty Wednesday after security forces drove out supporters of President Mohammed Morsi from two sprawling encampments where they had been camped out for six weeks demanding the Islamist leader's reinstatement. The move, which left dozens of protesters dead and saw the arrest of several leaders of Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood, has left the fundamentalist movement dangerously isolated. It also prompted Vice President Vice President Mohamed ElBaradei, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate and pro-reform leader in the interim government, to resign in protest over the violent crackdown as the military-backed leadership imposed a monthlong state of emergency and nighttime curfew.
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musician The commission's action Friday also means companies with rates of 12 cents or less per minute for debit and prepaid calls and 14 cents per minute or less for collect calls will be presumed to have "just and reasonable" rates. Companies with those rates will be protected from enforcement actions under the new rules.
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effects crazy Some House aides confirmed Tuesday that leaders have already decided that separating food stamps and farm commodity programs into two different bills would give the legislation a better chance to become law with a united GOP caucus.
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radiant bark The city’s decision to remove Esteban from contact with young students was upheld by an arbitrator — only to be overturned Thursday by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Manuel Mendez, who called the firing “excessive and shocking to this court’s sense of fairness.”
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complete surveyed “While we had asked for an extension until Jan. 1, 2015, we greatly appreciate Treasury recognizing that financial institutions globally need more time to comply with this important law that our members continue to support,” said Payson Peabody, tax counsel at the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, a trade group. “We look forward to continuing our dialogue with Treasury in order to ensure that FATCA is implemented in accordance with the intent of Congress with the least possible disruption to financial markets.”
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mount student Monteith had talked openly about struggles with substance abuse, and in April he completed voluntary treatment for unspecified substance addiction at a rehab facility. He had also been treated in a facility at age 19.
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mention In a television advertisement that will begin airing next week, people driving and riding bicycles pass by California highway and street signs that read "Welcome to getting care" and "Welcome to feeling at ease." At the end, the announcer says, "Welcome to a new state of health."
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but Under the federal Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act, private and public facilities must issue an inventory listing potentially hazardous chemicals stored on their properties. The inventory, known as a Tier II report, is filed with state, county and local emergency-management officials. The information is then supposed to be made publicly available, to help first responders and nearby residents plan for emergencies.
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faults digestion Xiaomi has won sales with inexpensive handsets runningGoogle’s Android system. While Apple sells the iPhone 5 on itsChina website from 5,288 yuan ($864), Xiaomi’s most expensivehandset is 1,699 yuan.
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chivalrous It seems, despite initial reports, that Thicke was unaware of Cyrus' plan and that the whole incident was spontaneous, he was in fact aware that Cyrus was "going to take her clothes off and dance around and she might bend over." It seems Thicke was not remotely concerned about the performance or Cyrus' actions, he stated "I spent my whole career playing it safe, being a gentleman, never doing anything controversial" and he decided "I don't care, let's entertain the people. Let's give them something they're not ready for, let's make them talk."
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honorary person "They said that the problem will be solved by the 17th,"Anton Siluanov, finance minister of this year's G20 host Russia,told reporters. "Both Lew and Bernanke believe that thesedifficulties can be overcome soon."
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vertical Villeneuve, meanwhile, goes Hollywood with "Prisoners," avigilante thriller that stars Hugh Jackman as man seekingvengeance after his daughter and her friend disappear, and JakeGyllenhaal as the lead detective on the case.
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mama Over 80 percent of the workers balloted voted in favour ofstrike action over operator Ineos's treatment of a unionorganiser and worker, Stephen Deans, who is at the centre of adisciplinary action, the union said on Friday.
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eat EU foreign ministers meet in Brussels this week to review what steps to take following a bloody crackdown since Wednesday on supporters of Mursi, deposed by the military on July 3. More than 800 people have died in the violence.
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